Saturday, December 26, 2009

The great lesson on December 26, 2009

Cloud still hanging in the heavens of my village. This morning I deliberately set up my own breakfast. My sister getting ready to wash our clothes. Then I decided to give her some money to buy bread or noodles. Not like my sister used instead used the money to buy detergent.
"I'll wash using what?" my sister relented to let his stomach empty for a laundry. No sooner had my breakfast was cooked, a bowl of noodles with chili sauce. I started eating breakfast. it's really delicious cooking today. Back from the shop my sister rubbed the top of the pack detergents and he got the money back. Sacrifice in the morning to get God's kindness. God does love his servant who put others' needs than to think perutnya. Sincerity gets an unexpected reward from God.


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