Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ibnu ‘Abbas radhiallahu ‘anhuma said : "Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam cursed men who is resembling a women and women who is resembling a men" (HR. Al-Bukhari no. 5885, 6834). This hadist is really happening in the whole world now, maybe since a couple years. I was going to market with some moms when we met a boy brought a handy bag with so elegant. I just can smile without his knowing. May Qiyamah will be happened soon?. I took deeply breath .. Sigh. Oh Allah why a lot of people follow their wishing only. I guarantee that they also read Alquran and Hadist. I also ever read some hadist about this kind of men whom born with soft voice, this is not a matter but the problem is when they do out of limitation such as using women clothes, walking as women style, then the horrible thing that they did , "plastic surgeon" to change what Allah has given to them, they dont know what the best features for them . Only Allah knows that coz He is the only one who fully understands about His creation. Then Allah allows some of them crazy about changes. They enlived a beauty contest, proud to be the most beautiful transgender in this world. 
And the thing that we need to be awared is their character also became changed. They take chance with the real women to love and to marry with men. As the world population known, according to the CIA world factbook 2009 there are 1.1 that means 50% males and 50% females of world population which about total 6,790,062,216 people. So if some of them become women also interested with men then how about the real women where she will keep her love . 
In this case I just describe this matter in Islam view as my religion. But for logic give a time to read your holy book, googling about doing sex with same gender, is it safety or not ?. Dont follow your emotion and satisfaction without using deeply mind and heart. There has alot of proves whose follow their heart they will be success in this changing world. 
Wallahualam bishawab... Allah knows more than us. 
May Allah bless us .



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