Monday, January 25, 2010

10 secrets women

This secret is only for married or legal couple don’t try this before u are getting ur legal marry documents
1. Serving you is our job, but let us rest awhile because you'll already know where the location of the remote tv.
2. If we say no, not necessarily our hearts say the same thing we try a little flirting.
3. We're glad you're a bit spoiled
4. Do not let others laud and admire us, if you do not want to lose our attention.
5. We check the Inbox of your mobile is because there was something suspicious.
6. Do not delete all the messages in your inbox / Outbox because it was getting suspicious.
7. We hate the man who wore a gold necklace because Bruce Willis is  not looked pretty to wear it.
8. We love seeing male models with six pack tummy and sometimes dont even care wheter he is gay or not.
9. we prefer to display your elegant than the mess
10. We prefer you to help us wash our dishes than flirting from behind, it was very disturbing us.


MEDICA said...

If there is not yet married her tips bro ?????

Pohonku Sepi Sendiri said...

silahkan diambil awardnya di tempatku, kawan.. :)

motivasi said...

hm...gitu yah..

blue said...

coba dipelajari, dipahami dan dimengerti untuk dipraktekin

halocoy lifestyle said...

thanks for share friend.

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