Monday, January 11, 2010

Women working outside the home is allowed in Islam?

Women who worked outside the home is divided into two groups. The first work outside the home in a family environment. For example helping her husband, working at her husband's garden, taking care of family interests and taking care their child . Doing work outside the home was also ever done by Asma bint Abu Bakr As Siddiq ra, She said: "I bring food to my husband within a few miles, the horses watered, fed and filled the water."
Women work outside the home the second is because she had to and in emergencies. 
then in such circumstances women are allowed to work outside the home and not in the family business. But it must have three criteria, namely:
Not allowed to use clothing to show her genitals ( should Wearing Hijab ), so that can lead to stimulation of men.
Not allowed to dress up the Excessive and use the fragrant scent.
Not so close with men.
But it would be nice if a woman was working in the home, manage household, educate and raise children.


SyahidaComputer said...

Idealnya seperti itu ... tapi tinggal para wanita bisa apa tidak ?? !!!, harusnya ya ... bisa ...

Hartini Azzahra said...

Thank mas, semoga bs jadi bahan pemikiran para suami yang mengijinkan istriny bekerja tanpa alasan yg benar.

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